Yoga Mat: Why It’s So Important

Fledgling yoga enthusiasts often make a few simple mistakes. One, they spend way too much money on instructors and classes that are way over their heads. It’s a good sentiment, but it’s easy to become discouraged when you fly too close to the sun on your first try. Two, they learn all the lingo, research all the various disciplines, and understand the history of yoga, but they never actually get around to doing it. What’s the point of making yoga a purely academic pursuit? And three, they either choose the wrong type of yoga mat, or they go without a mat at all. A good, quality yoga mat, along with dedication and diligence, is absolutely essential for any aspiring yogi if they want to succeed.

Your yoga mat separates you from the ground in a literal sense, but it also keeps you internally grounded and focused on yourself. It’s a neutral medium that allows you to ignore the sensations of the ground – sensations that might disrupt your focus – and hone in on your own inner workings. With a good yoga mat, you are able to focus solely on your body and how it moves.

When doing the more difficult poses and stretches, this ability to focus is crucial. If you’re distracted by a bad mat, you won’t be able to muster the requisite focus. You still might be able to get something out of the session, but you won’t be maximizing the benefits. You won’t truly be tapping into the single minded beauty that is yoga.

When shopping for a yoga mat, look for at least 1/8 inch thickness, a sticky texture that grabs the floor, and a design that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed toting around. If you get a yoga mat with all these features, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a true yogi.

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Yoga Mat: Why It’s So Important
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