Learn How To End Your Stress With Yoga

Would you like a few yoga techniques to end your stress with yoga; after a long day at work? The first de-stressing technique or Asana is called the Nishpandabhava. The Sanskrit word, Nishpandabhava comes from Nishpanda meaning passive and bhava meaning stance. Put your favorite piece of relaxing music to start.

Then just let go of your hands, legs, feet; loosen all the muscles and sit reclined against the wall. This activity regulates your breathing and steadies the mind. The music will absorb all your attention, synchronizing you breathing to the beat of the music. When you are breathing deeply, focus your attention on your third eye.

Remain in this state for at least 10 minutes. This will slow down the heart rate and reduces the blood pressure. This will also reduce the stress hormones, relax your muscles and your mind will slowly go into the alpha state of meditation. Another Asana called the Shavasana - has similar effects, only the back is stretched out.

End Your Stress With Yoga

Shava means a corpse and asana means posture. This asana completely relaxes all the muscles of the body and regulates breathing. Lie, flat on your back upon a mat. Focus your attention in this order and breathe deeply; the toes, the chest, the shoulders, the neck, the chin, the jaws, the mouth, the nose tip, the third eye, the forehead and the mind.

The next vital Asana is the Yogendra Pranayam. Prana means Vayu or breath and Ayam is the expense. Therefore, pranayam is the control of the breath being inhaled, held and exhaled out of the body. This controlled breathing ensures proper oxygenation and its use by each and every cell.

Lie down and bend your knees and place both the feet flat on the floor, this helps the muscles of the back and abdomen to relax and allows the chest cavity to expand. Place one hand on your navel, this gives you a perspective and allows concentration. Inhale deeply and slowly, your abdomen will move upwards but do not bloat your stomach. Then exhale till your abdomen is back to the normal position.

Then gently pull the stomach in without moving the chest. These three motions, expand the abdomen, massages the visceral organs and promoting circulation of blood. Do these positions in cycles of 10 seconds. These Asanas helps one introspect, train the mind, organize thoughts, regulate breathing and help one cultivate passivity. Now you have an idea how much better you will feel you can begin to end your stress with Yoga.

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Learn How To End Your Stress With Yoga
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