Fundamental Yoga Postures, Exercises, And Poses

If you are planning to take up yoga then you should arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can as it is a very wide subject. It is good to know about what the most common yoga postures and poses are and the effects that these can have on the body. It is never a bad idea to start yoga; it is finding a place in more peoples lives every year and for good reasons. Your overall health can be dramatically enhanced.

Yoga is a very extensive discipline; there are quite literally hundreds of postures and exercises to choose from, different people prefer different postures. Before you begin it is important to take advice from somebody with experience. It can be better for you if you are just beginning to attend yoga classes as opposed to doing the exercises alone; you will then get a deeper understanding.

Fundamental Yoga Postures, Exercises, And Poses

This article will mention a variety of poses that have been compiled to give you an overall feel for yoga. They are perhaps not the most widely used but they do cover all levels and body systems.

1. Kundalini Grind: This is an essential yoga exercise, all practitioners should use it. It can develop the digestive and elimination systems and will strengthen your spine and back muscles. It is good to use this posture at the beginning of a workout.

2. Kundalini Yoga Rowing: This exercise will free up your hips and can help to develop a greater amount of flexibility in the hamstrings. It can also be beneficial for your shoulders and abs.

3. Pashimothan Asana (Yoga Forward Bend): This is an essential part of any yoga workout. It is the most important of all Hatha yoga postures. It involves stretching the complete back and spine. It is thought that it may produce spontaneous healing and increases the chances of having a long healthy life.

4. Stretch Posture for Abs: Many people want to develop the strength in their abs. This is why this pose is popular with both novices and experts. It will also work on the Navel Chakra and give you greater willpower and energy.

5. Dhanur Asana (Bow Pose): This posture can improve your respiratory system, digestive system, spine, shoulder, legs, and your complete flexibility. It is known to keep people looking young and feeling full of energy.

6. Plough Pose: Though this is not necessarily an easy posture it can be modified so that beginners can also use it. It will put pressure on specific points of the body and can massage areas associated with certain chakras. It is known to be good for the human sexual system as it works on the Sex Chakra. It also has an effect on the digestive system and Navel Chakra as well as the Anahata Chakra and the heart.

7. Kundalini Archer Pose: This posture will help to expand many aspects of your body and health. It will provide you with a greater energy level, better lung capacity, and enhanced nervous system. When undertaking this pose you need to breathe strongly and deeply.

These are just a brief introduction to the type of yoga postures that you could practice. You need to discuss with a professional what exactly you want to achieve so that you get the best results and outcome.

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Fundamental Yoga Postures, Exercises, And Poses
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