The meaning of the Yoga, for a right beginning

The purpose of all the different aspects of the practice of the Yoga is that to reason the Itself individual (Jiva) with the Absolute or pure awareness (Brahman).

The word Yoga literally means "union." This union frees the spirit from every sense of separation, from the illusion of the time, of the space and of the causality.

Only our ignorance, our incapability to distinguish the reality from the irreality that it prevents us from realizing our true nature. Also in this state of ignorance, the human spirit often perceives the lack of something in the life, something that cannot be reached neither with the realization of a determined objective neither with the satisfaction of a desire. In the life of each other, the incessant search of love, of success, of changes and of happiness are the demonstration that exists in us the conscience of a reality that we warn but that we are not able to reach.

According to the Yoga teaching, reality is for unchangeable and immovable definition and therefore the world, the universe that we perceive in constant movement, is not anything else other than illusion (maya).

The universe that we perceive is only something that overlaps to the reality, that is projected on the screen of the reality as a film it's projected on the screen of the cinema. As when we walk at night we can confuse a piece of rope with a snake, so, without illumination, we exchange what it is real with what it is not, we overlap or we project our illusions on the real world.

The deceptive nature of the temporal reality reflects him in the search from the modern science of the elementary particle, indivisible, of subject.

These searches have brought to the conclusion that the subject and the energy are interchangeable and that the appearance of solidity that we perceive in the subject is created from the movement or from the vibrations: we see to stir a helix and we exchange it for a circle.

Big part of what we perceive as solid it is, of fact, empty space: if we removed the whole space from the atoms that our body they form maintaining only the 'not-space', we would not even succeed in seeing what he has remained.

Yoga is a term sanscrito (from the root yuj or yug) with different meanings: to connect, to link, means used for the union, effort, method, practice, action, self-control, path to get what we don't have, what is obtainable through the knowledge and the practice, union of the individual soul with that supreme.

In the context of the Yoga philosophy, the union happens between the individual soul and the universal soul.

To begin the Yoga it is to know the way to maintain the equilibrium, the serenity, the calm, the self-control, the love; it is the tool to check it own destiny and all of our internal quality; it is To know that the simplicity and the to be satisfied damage the happiness; it is to know the correct way to use completely the strength of the thought and all the other cosmic energies.

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The meaning of the Yoga, for a right beginning
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