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The Teachers Training Course or TTC is conducted thrice every year and has carved individuals from all walks of life into true yoga experts. The ‘Yoga Acharyas’ as they are called after being certified from YogaLife, disperse globally to spread the yogic wisdom.

YogaLife empowers its teachers to imbibe the new-age yoga, drawing its inspiration from the ancient yogic methods and philosophy, and pass on the gained wisdom to their students. YogaLife teachers are taught to explore health beyond the physical existence reaching out to the mind and soul.

They assist the students and the participants to break the myth of physical health and transcend them to the next level of fitness, the fitness of mind, soul and consciousness.

Of late YogaLife Teachers Training Course (TTC) has certified over 100 participants from as many as 28 countries across the world. YogaLife Foundation is recognized as an RYS200 Yoga School by Yoga Alliance, USA. The YogaLife Foundation is actively functioning on a worldwide scale in Switzerland, Belgium and New Delhi. The certified teachers of YogaLife conduct yoga classes and sessions for six kriyas, pranayamas, asanas, and meditation.

The teachers also lead special workshops such as kids yoga and couples yoga. Innovative programs like sports yogis, stress management, corporate yoga, and team building are also conducted by the teachers. The teachers ensure to teach yoga, which is a blend of traditional and modern techniques so as to meet the requirements of the participants.

The three attractive locations for YogaLife Teachers Training Course (TTC) in India are: The pristine beaches of Goa (January 31 – February 27, 2010), the grand Himalayan foothills of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh (May 30 – June 26, 2010) and in Delhi for part-time learners. The YogaLife certified teachers help individuals in realizing their hidden potential through yoga.


YogaLife has designed a customized corporate training program that has been implemented at the United Nations and private enterprises. Some of the features of these programs include:

1.Management trainings
3.Energy Management (stress management program)
4.Loop (Personal Life Planning)
5.Emotional intelligence and yoga

Over the years, YogaLife has provided a fulfilling experience to thousands of participants from all over the world through its trainings, workshops and retreats. Today, YogaLife has over thousands of clients subscribed to its mailing list and also has been and being covered in various kinds of broadcast media for its innovation and expertise in the field of yoga.


YogaLife’s motto is to spread the art and science of yoga all around the world. There is more to yoga than curing diseases. YogaLife develops new trainers and helps existing trainers improve their teaching methods. We are setting up world class Yoga studios in Delhi and around India to help more people. We are also encouraging other organizations to create new programs in partnership with our existing products and services.

YogaLife (RYS 200), offers Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Trainings Course (TTC) in India, in 3 attractive locations: the beaches of Goa in February, the Himalayan foothill of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh in June and October and Delhi for part-time seekers. All 3 choices are an enticing place to study Yoga.

This course has several unique aspects that you will not find in other programs.
We believe that you have the potential and knowledge to reach where you want. Our role is to help you unfold your potential. We do not teach "our" style of Yoga: we help you discover your style through a coaching approach. The program aims at transforming experienced Yoga practitioners into Yoga Teachers through learning, teaching and self-realization of your true potential.

Exclusive points
1. Select group: 20-25 participants on the course.
2. Course located next to the residence and temple of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.
3. An 'intense' training requiring 100% attendance of full and honest participation.
4. Review all the basics of Yoga and a chance to develop a style of your own.
5. A unique opportunity for self-inquiry through progressively increasing practice and Teaching. For more details about the structure of the program, click here.
6. For motivated and determined student, opportunities are offered at the end of the program.
7. A specifically design 150+ page-training manual.

Established in 1999, YogaLife ( was founded by Sanjeev Kumar Bhanot with the objective of spreading fitness and health benefits through yoga. Since its inception, YogaLife has emerged as a reputable yoga institute with due recognition from RYS (Registered Yoga School); the well known international authority on yoga.

Over the last 10 years YogaLife has surfaced as a leader of yoga training in Europe, US, and India. YogaLife has also joined hands with leading yoga maestros such as Deepak Chopra; the MD Chairman and Co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, USA. Yogalife Foundation aids the development of yogic wisdom through energizing pranayama, yoga asana, meditation and various other ground-breaking mind-body workshops. The institute has magically touched and healed the lives of many of its participants.

YogaLife also conducts training courses for the aspiring yoga teachers. YogaLife stands for the new-age yoga, which also retains the ancient methodology and philosophy of the original form. The yoga classes are held in a vivacious and affable space where relaxation, fun, and yogic wisdom go hand-in-hand. YogaLife believes that health is not just restricted to the physical existence, but also pertains to the soul, mind and consciousness of an individual. It assists the participants to discover their hidden potential by expanding their inner-self.

The vibrant yoga sessions include asanas, meditation, six kriyas, pranayamas, specialized programs and workshops, like yoga classes, yoga workshops for couples and kids, and weekend workshops. YogaLife has also introduced pioneering programs such as stress management, corporate yoga, and teambuilding for the strained out professionals. Another notable innovation of YogaLife is ‘sports yogis’; an exclusive program for the athletes and sports persons as per their specific requisites.

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Yoga Teachers Training Classes, Retreat and Work Shop
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