How To Become A Yoga Teacher

Many of the "quickly certified" Yoga teachers come to a realization and later join other Yoga teacher programs to be re-educated and re-certified again, because they, themselves, did not learn about contraindications, modifications, working with special populations. Yoga methodology, and a multitude of other previously mentioned Yoga subjects.

Unfortunately, these Yoga teachers are often trained to teach Yoga as an exercise program by learning a dozen or two dozen asanas, and not much beyond this. The fact is Yoga is much more than an exercise program. For more details go to Yoga is the most complete health maintenance system known to mankind, with a lineage of thousands of years. Whole health needs to be addressed by much more than an exercise program. 

How To Become A Yoga Teacher

Does anyone offer Yoga teacher interns a guarantee? Not often, and as of today, I only know of only one guaranteed Yoga teacher training course in existence.

On the other hand, Yoga teacher correspondence courses are much more reasonable, but can vary in the number of study hours and overall quality. For example: A forty hour Yoga course is just not enough time for anyone to safely learn to teach Yoga students. Once again, you should research the syllabus and get a complete Yoga teacher training course.

If you are considering a Yoga teacher correspondence course, you should have sufficient knowledge of Yoga. Also, make sure that customer service is always a priority to the Yoga teacher training center after the sale has been made to the Yoga teacher intern. To know more about it login to If you call during business hours and get a live person who answers your questions diplomatically, that will give you some indication of the technical service you should expect.

While you are at it, make sure that you are calling a Yoga teacher training center and not a "diploma house." If they certify everything from pet sitting to web design, what do you think they really know about teaching Yoga?

Once you have received the study material, there will undoubtedly be questions, concerns, or need for further assistance, via email, or telephone, from the intern who has purchased the Yoga teacher course. Make sure you get answers if you are "stuck" during your Yoga teacher internship.

What are your goals in regard to your Yogic career? Plan long term and short term goals, but add your continuing education to both lists. At least, make it a point to read Yoga books and watch Yoga DVD's. Audio books are handy too.

Lastly, if you feel the calling to teach Yoga, please do the following. Write your plans down, take action, and go after your goal of becoming a Yoga teacher. The public needs more compassionate Yoga instructors and the job is very rewarding.
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How To Become A Yoga Teacher
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