Yoga for Beginners

You have taken the first step by making the decision to start doing yoga. This can be very intimidating, as there are many styles of yoga, but please don't let that stop you.

The first thing you will need to do, is select a yoga type that suits you. Some research will be necessary on your part, as there are many classes that are available to you. Be sure to choose a class that suits your personality and your state of physical fitness

A gentle hatha yoga is a great start for beginners. This will depend on whether you want a slow or fast paced class. There are many basic styles and you may move on to anther style later.

Next you will need to find a class. You can check online for resources to help find a class. You may also want to search the local newspaper or wellness and fitness magazines. Search online for yoga and enter your city and zip code.

If you belong to a gym, this may be a good place start, as many of them now offer yoga classes. Make sure whether it's a gym or yoga studio, that it is close to home or your place of employment, making it convenient to get to.

You will need to wear comfortable breathable clothing to yoga practice and have bare feet. Most yoga studios will request that you leave your shoes at the door.

You will also need a mat or sticky mat. Mats will create traction for your hands and feet so that you don't slip and they also provide padding on a hard floor. Most studios rent mats to students, however these mats are used by many people and you don't know how often the mats are being washed. Yoga mats can be purchased for as little as $20, so you may prefer to purchase your own mat.

The following yoga props are usually provided to students during class and there is no reason to purchase them unless you'll be starting your own beginning practice at home.

Blankets - Used to sit or lie on during class.

Blocks - Props used to make yourself more comfortable and improve alignment, and standing poses when your hands don't reach the floor.

Straps - Useful for bound poses if your hands do not reach each other for poses where you need to hold your feet and cannot reach them.

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Yoga for Beginners
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